Tourist spots in Alappuzha

If you’re planning a vacation with family, honeymoon or even corporate holiday then Alappuzha would be best location for you. Known as the Venice of the East this region is popular for its boat cruises that take you around serene backwaters of Kerala. The simple lifestyle of the people, the fishing nets, the palm trees along the coast line, the huge paddy cultivations, famous annual boat race and various dance forms of Kerala are other highlights of this exotic town. Tourism has been promoted greatly by the Kerala Tourism department and you have vacationers coming here all-round the year just to be a part of this culture.

Places to visit in Alappuzha

Alappuzha Beach

Alappuzha Beach Address

The beach is over 137 years old and it has been one of the most popular hangout places or picnic spots for families. It’s easily accessible and it’s approximately located at a distance of 5Km from the Alappuzha railway station. The beach is well maintained and has open stage where programs are organized. Adjacent to the beach is the Vijaya Park which has some fun filled activities for kids and boat rides too. There is also an old light house which was built somewhere in 1862 by Captain Hugh Crawford and its open to public from 3pm to 5pm every day. It’s 28 meters high and can produce light at a range of 25 nautical miles.


The huge stretches of paddy fields in Kuttanad is a beautiful sight to see. You can get a better view by a hiring a boat and going around this place through the lakes and canals. Covering an area of 900 sq Kilometers and altitudes ranging between .6-2.6m its ideally the Rice Bowl of Kerala. The major rivers here include the Pampa, Meenachil, Manimala and Achankovil. The soil is most fertile as sands washed away during the monsoon gets deposited here making it ideal for cultivation.

Backwater cruises

You can enjoy the backwater cruise rides arranged by the ATDC (Alappuzha Tourism Development Corporation). The peak season is in the months between September to March and you get a closer glimpse of nature
Backwater Cruises Address

  • Alappuzha-Kollam boat cruise start off from the DTPC boat jetty at 10:30am and you reach Kollam by 6pm in the evening. You get to see the backwaters and it even covers the Karumadikuttan Budha idol, Kumarakody, Kayamkulam Lake, Alumkadavu. Some other attractions that you get to see in cruise include Chinese fishing nets, paddy cultivations , coir making, and the Kerala Nalukettu houses. The cost of this trip is 300 per head.
  • Kuttand Boat Trip: This boat cruise would take you from Alappuzha to Kumarakom and back to Alappuzha. The cost of the trip is 150 per head and would require a minimum of 10 persons per tour. It starts from 11 am from DTPC boat jetty and would take around 2.5 hours for completing the cruise.
  • Daily Boat Cruise by DTPC: Daily boat rides from Alappuzha to Alumkadavu or Alumkadavu to Kollam is arranged by the DTPC. The time for the journey is 8 hour and the tour also includes attractions like Karumadikuttan Buddha idol, Kumarakody, Matha Amrithanandamayi Madom, Alumkadavu, Kayamkulam Lake.

Karumadikuttan Budha idol

This is a famous idol made of black granite and looks unique from its appearance. Only half of the statue has been displayed and other part has been broken. It is believed that it got destroyed in a conflict or war but the reason is still not specific. It’s located in a small village called Karumadi and shows the existence of Buddhism in Kerala. It gets its name from the place it is located and kuttan means boy in Malayalam.Currently this historical monument is being taken care by the Archeological Survey of India.

Krishnapuram Palace

Krishnapuram Palace Address

Located in Kayamkulam the Krishnapuram Palace is famous for the largest mural painting called “Gajendra Moksham".It measures 154 square feet and has been positioned on the ground floor at the western end of the palace. The palace dates back to the 18th century and was built by the Travancore King Marthanda Varma. The architecture of the palace is splendid and some of the displays include the Kayamkulam Vaal (sword) as well as the statue of Budda.


Kumarakodi is the place where the tomb of the famous Malayalam poet Kumaranasan has been kept. His literary works had brought an enormous change in the classic literature off Malayalam. He was not only a writer but revolutionary thinker as well as social worker who fought against rigorous caste system. Unfortunately he died in a boat accident on his way from Kollam to Alappuzha. This place is 20Km away from Alappuzha and it lies on the banks of the river Pallana.

Sarada Mandiram

Sarada Mandiram is the home of the famous poet and  rhetoricians in malayalam A.R. Rajaraja Varma.Currently this has been converted into a memorial and is managed by the Department of Cultural Affairs government of Kerala


Pathiramanal is a small island located 13km away from Alappuzha and lies on the Vembanad Lake. The island with its scenic beauty is a must to be seen destination and some of rarest migratory birds can also be spotted here.As per statistics this island houses around 50 migratory birds as well as 91 local birds which include Common Teal, Darter, Indian Shag, Night Heron, Cormorant,Purple Heron, gulls, terns, large egrets, , Cattle Egret, Little Cormorant ,Whiskered Tern, Whistling Duck and many more.You can reach this island via Alappuzha town or through Muhamma-Kumarakom route.It would take about half an hour to reach this island from Alappuzha. But travelling from Kumarakom it might take you 40 minutes.


Mararikulam is a small village in Alappuzha and the highlight of this place is Marari beach . Sandy beach is a perfect relaxation spot and you can enjoy the green palm trees surrounding it. You can spot the fishing boats lined up on the shores of the beach. Fishing is main livelihood of the people and now tourism also has been promoted here. The Marari beach resort offers its vacationers numerous fun filed activities like water sports, Ayurvedic treatments, tennis and many more. Nature lovers would also love this place as it has many species of butterflies, birds, turtles and frogs too.


Chambakulam is a small village in Alappuzha and it is famous for the boat race held here.The boa race known as Champakkulam Moolam Vallamkali marks the beginning of the festival season in Alappuzha. It happens in the midhunam month on the moolam day as the Malayalam calendar.Some other highlights of this village include the St. Mary's Forane Church and the St Thomas Church located here. It is approximately 26Km away from Alappuzha and Kalloorkkad Angad is a  famous market nearby.
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