Pandavan Rock in Alappuzha

An ideal picnic spot, the Pandavan Rock has become a landmark place for visiting when one is in the Allepey region. It is just the place to spend on idyllic afternoon and evening.

A famous spot for picnic

It is the place for drinking in the spectacular verdant, scenic sights around the region. An easy climb to the top also affords a look at several nooks and crannies where one may snuggle up with a book or spend some time simply relaxing. Although an easy climb for the physically fit it can prove challenging for the elderly or those who are physical unfit.

It is necessary to be well prepared while climbing up the rock. It is definitely advisable to take sunglasses to avoid the glare, a medical kit and some emergency light can also come in handy. A camera is most essential but with the sophisticated phones available one may probably be well equipped to record some of the breathtaking beauty of the environment as well as the far flung surroundings.

History of Pandavan Rock

When the Pandavan or the princes of Hastinapur along with their mother had been exiled, it is believed that they set up home in the forests. After some wandering they had come upon a cave where they decided to put up residence. It is this cave that must have been enclosed with in the rock that was used by the Pandavan. This connection with mythology has made the rock a very popular spot for both tourists and pilgrims alike. Currently there is no hollowed cave nor any cave like opening in the rock. The Pandavan rock is just one solid rock mass which at some time in the bygone era must have had an opening and provided living space. As such the rock rises up from the comparatively planer area all around.

The best season and to visit this rocky site is September to March. The best time is from morning to evening while the prescribed timings for visiting the Pandavan Rock are from six in the morning till ten at night. The optimum time required to visit all the places is about two hours at the most.

How to Reach the Pandavan Rock

The Pandavan Rock can be reached through first approaching Alleppey which in itself can be reached through the air, rail and road routes. There is also the provision of the waterways route for reaching this destination.
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