Marari Beach in Alappuzha

Beaches have always been a favourite destination for millions. They bode of a silent promise of calm and serene landscapes, a tranquil atmosphere and an uplifting and revitalising experience. Kerala has more than its fair share of beaches, but every so and then you discover a hidden gem that lies nestled away in some hidden corner of the state and offers you the perfect beach vacation. Marari beach is one such destination and a true secret destination that you must experience before it gets overrun with hordes of tourists.

Reasons to Visit Marari Beach

Marari Beach Alappuzha

If the fact that the Marari beach offers you the best possible beach experience without forcing you to contend with a thousand other visitors; milling all around on the sandy beach was not enough, here are a few more reasons that will convince you to visit the remarkable little village of Marari:
  • A National Geographic Survey has ranked Marari beach in the top five among the World's best Hammock Beaches.
  • Marari beach has a number of premium resorts where you can get a top notch spa treatment while enjoying the serene beaches.
  • Quality ayurvedic treatment facilities in Mararikulam ensure that your stay will not only be a welcome break from the hectic city life, but can also become a way to rejuvenate and get healthier.

About Marari Beach

Situated close to a small village called Mararikulam, the beaches share the name of the village, but have come to be called Marari over time. The village lies within the Alappuzha district and is only a short distance from the popular tourist city of Alappuzha. The expansive beaches of Mararikulam are lined with Palm trees, offer access to gentle waves of the pure and clean Arabian sea.

What To Do at Marari Beach

Marari Beach Resort Address

The endless beaches offer you a wide range of activities that you can explore. From swimming and surfing in the idyllic water, to simply enjoying a quiet day in the sun while resting under a palm tree, you will have fun no matter what you choose to do here.

The village has quickly captured the attention of major resort and hotel chains, and there are plenty of projects already underway in Mararikulam, with a lot more scheduled for the coming years.

You will have no problems finding comfortable and quality accommodations at Marari Beach, no matter what your travelling budget is. From luxury five star resorts, to affordable homestays, Marari will offer you an experience that you will cherish for years to come.

One such place for accommodation is Marari Beach Resort.

Address: Marari Beach Resort, North S.L Puram, Mararikulam 688549

How to Reach Marari Beach

Marari Beach is connected by road as well as rail routes, making it super easy to visit these laid-back beaches for a quiet vacation. The village has its own railway station called Mararikulam, and you can catch a train for Marari after landing at the Cochin International Airport, which is the closest to Alappuzha.

If you prefer driving to the beach, the NH 47 passes very close to Mararikulam, and quick detour from S.L. Puram will leave you a mere 5 kilometres away from your destination.
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