Kayamkulam Lake in Alappuzha

The Kayamkulam Lake is spread across the two districts of Kerala - Alappuzha and Quilon. It has a total area of about sixty square kilometers. The length of the lake is thirty kilometers while the average width of the lake is about two and a half kilometers. The Kayamkulam Lake is also connected to the Ashtamudi Lake through the Chavara-Panmana Canal. End to end the lake stretches from Panmana to Karthikapally.

Kayamkulam Lake in Alappuzha

Stories Associated with Kayamkulam Lake

There are several different versions of how the lake got its name of Kayamkulam. The literal translation of the name stems from the two root words ‘Kayal’ and ‘Kullam’. The word ‘Kayal’ stands for lake and ‘Kulam’ stands for pond. The name signifies the misnomer of the lake being shallow at many places. Thus, the name of Kayamkulam.

The other version is most romantic as it is associated with the legend of the Robinhood like character who was popularly known as Kayamkulam Kochunni. He was a highway robber who wantonly looted the rich and distributed the proceeding of his lootings among the poor and needy. He operated in the Central Thriwi thamkoor region during the first half of the nineteenth century. His amazing exploits were the substance of much speculation, mystery and rumour among the local population. It was because of his great popularity that he was accorded the status of a hero. To commemorate this people’s idol the lake was named after him.

Houseboats on Kayamkulam Lake

The wide expanse of the Kayamkulam Lake opens out into the Arabian Sea. It is frequented by a number of visitors who live in the houseboats and drink in the splendor of the beautiful sunset. Many a picture postcards scenes have been clicked of the red globe setting into the watery horizon as seen across the artistically placed fisherman nets.

The houseboats as well as other forms of boats are the mainstay of the water transportation available to local and non-local population residing in and around the lake precincts. There are a number of different places along the by-waters that hold tremendous potential for sightseeing. There are many niches tucked away that would delight equally the bird watcher, the avid historian interested in antiquities as also the nature lover and the devout pilgrim.

There are many temples like the Sri Vitala temple which are within reach of the lake edges. There are also some palaces that stand dotting the area around the lake. Most of these old temples and palaces are a legacy of the regions splendid past. This part of the areas had belonged to the Travancore state. It had been known as an apical nexus of the arts with magnificent architectural manifestations in the form of its exquisite temples, places and gardens.

The Kayamkulam Lake is also the reservoir of the Kayamkulam Thermal Power Plant. Many a traveler on the Lake waters has stopped over to admire this wonder of the modern world. Thus, the lake and its surroundings are a tourist haven.

The placid water of the lake offer a great opportunity for holiday makers, writers and researchers alike.

How to Reach Kayamkulam Lake

The lake can be approached by air through the international airport situated at Trivandrum from where the tourist can reach Kayamkulam Lake across a distance of about fifty kilometers on the National Highway number forty seven.

By train the Kayamkulam Lake is about a hundred kilometers from Thiruvananthapuram and Ernakulam, taking a time span of about three hours to reach there.

By road the lake is about forty kilometers from kollam time. The state run bus service is efficiently run. The State bus service or the KRTC or kerela Road Transport Company. It is a journey of about three hours.
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