Healthcare Facilities in Alappuzha

In Alappuzha and surrounding districts, studies and medical camps conducted by government-run agencies and private hospitals indicate that the people in these areas are prone to ailments and illnesses like: mental illness, eye ailments, tuberculosis, filaria and malaria.

Healthcare Assistance Alappuzha

Excessive use of alcohol and drugs combined with marital and work problems and lifestyle changes are responsible for increase in mental illness in the general population. Women and children are also becoming increasingly vulnerable to mental diseases; women because of inadequate nutrition and societal pressures and children due to academic pressure.

From 2007 when the average age of a mentally ill person was between the ages of 30 and 40, the mean age has reduced in the last few years to between 15 and 25. However, with increasing awareness about the importance of seeking medical treatment early, people are more willing to approach doctors and psychiatrists to seek help.

Government Healthcare Facilities in Alappuzha

Government health services are oriented towards providing primary health care in a wholesome way to the people. The main activities include preventive healthcare, rehabilitation and routine curative services. Establishment and maintenance of hospitals, medical institutions and laboratories with adequate medical and research infrastructure and administrative services to reach far flung areas in rural pockets fall within these services. The provision of primary health care includes:

Family welfare

  • Maternal and child health services
  • Disease eradication programmes
Kerala is the first state in the country to launch an eye screening programme for schools called ‘Sunethra’. Through this they aim for early detection and identification of visual defects among school children and assist them in getting medical treatment quickly. Village Blind Registries have been created in all districts with details of vision impaired people requiring treatment and surgery and prioritization has been made possible for surgeries to be carried out effectively.

Eye Care Hospitals in Alappuzha

A few hospitals that provide eye-care related diagnostic services and treatment are:
  • Sreekanta Puram Hospital
  • St. Sebastian’s Visitation Hospital
  • Century Hospital
  • KVM Hospital

Alappuzha has a number of state government certified ‘Green Leaf’ and ‘Olive Leaf’ Ayurvedic centres. Besides Ayurvedic treatment, some of these centres also provide acupressure and acupuncture treatments for a number of symptomatic illnesses like allergies, asthma and migraines.
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